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u ever have that friend where ur like. yes lets get an apartment together. lets adopt 200 cats. lets DO IT

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"I wish you were in this room with me right now. I wish I could put my arms around you. I wish I could touch you." - Her, 2013

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distance is a bitch // a mix for the one person who means a lot to you but you just can’t get close enough to 

1. cutie boots — stepdad // 2. miss missing you — fall out boy // 3. out on the town — fun. // 4. i will wait — mumford & sons // 5. guernica — brand new // 6. six feet under the stars (acoustic) — all time low // 7. relax my beloved — alex clare // 8. mona lisa (when the world comes down) — the all-american rejects // 9. degausser — brand new // 10. a daydream away — all time low // 11. all i wanted — paramore // 12. goodbye — best coast // 13. first day of my life — bright eyes // 14. you or a ghost — the brobecks // 15. figure eight — ellie goulding // 16. here for you — jon walker // 17. (so i’ll sit here) waiting — the like // 18. fear and loathing — marina and the diamonds 

listen here

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People tell me I look mournful. They say, “Cheer up, Dan, it’s not that bad!” Sometimes I just look into space, which freaks people out. If I was ever required to do anything other than look haunted, I could. I’m a happy person.

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I never really liked codifying thoughts into the ether. Maybe it’s because I’m an Aquarian; I’m not into making these statements and announcements. I never felt the need to wear things publicly. I like phone calls. I like talking to people, I like being able to hear the cadence of someone’s voice. (x)

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Anonymous asked:
You are far from small. You are precious and unique and so special. I don't know you at all but from what you've said you seem like a genuinely lovely person, this is the best thing a person can be. There are not enough kind people in the world and so remember that you are a gleaming ray of loveliness. In everything you've described I feel exactly the same way but you do mean a lot to people, even if you don't notice it yourself. Lots of love and hugs to you xxxxx

I don’t have enough words to thank you. I don’t know who you are, but you are the most lovely one here. Thank you for your words, they made me feel a lot better. Lots of love and hugs to you too. Have a great day, honey. XX

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Logan Lerman attends Day 1 of the LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party on April 12th, 2014 in Thermal, California

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